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Jewellery – Our master goldsmith and setter, Leon Mojet and qualified goldsmiths work in our onsite workshop, and at FIX & design by MOJET we specialize in:

  • Custom Design
  • 3D Jewellery Design & Printing
  • Jewellery Manufacturing & Repairs
  • Jewellery Renewal & Restoration
3D printing
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3D design and manufacturing
JEWELLERY repair and 3D design
Jewellery design and manufacturing12

FIX &design by MOJET specializes in the MANUFACTURING, DESIGN & REPAIR of JEWELLERY. Owner, Leon Mojet is a qualified goldsmith and setter and has 26years experience in the industry. All design and manufacturing takes place in our onsite workshop, and is done by our qualified goldsmiths.

FIX & design by MOJET also specializes in 3D design and 3D  printing. We offer custom  design services, 3D printing and manufacturing of jewellery on site. In the comfort of our beautiful shop, clients can discuss their design ideas with the designer. We design the piece and render it as a photo-realistic 3D image by using computer-aided design. We want to get it right, so with your input and the professional knowledge of our designers we will alter a rendering, until it meets your exact expectations. After the design is finalised, a wax copy of the ring or piece can be viewed or fitted, to insure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the design.

FIX & design by MOJET also specialize in onsite repair and service. We offer ring sizing and repairs to enlarge or reduce size to fit comfortably. We do replacement of chipped, missing or broken diamonds or precious stones, secure stones, re-tip claws, and rebuild shanks, rhodium plating and soldering, polishing and restringing of necklaces and pearls. Our qualified setters repair and replace all forms of ring prongs. FIX & design by MOJET also specialize in the renewal of old pieces and custom designs. Bring your ideas, and we will transform your old pieces into something brand new and modern. Owner, Leon Mojet, master jeweller, goldsmith, setter and watchmaker regularly works on vintage pieces and family heirlooms and creates and designs personalised custom pieces. To Contact Us Click here